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The Walking with Winnie Trip Journal: Adventures June 23 through June 27

The Walking with Winnie Trip Journal: Adventures June 23 through June 27

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Singing Horse's

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Library tells all about the Horse,Pet & Human Guts.
The Link,, answers to all animal questions & feeding programs...If you still give cow mineral/salt block think again & listen to Dr.Dan talk about the Deadly Minerals.
1 gut has nothing to do with another.....
The pH of this clay is 8.3 which is very alkalizing to the body. Toxins create an acidic condition. The more toxins i.e. heavy metals, pathogens, pesticides, unfriendly bacteria, etc. are removed the greater the alkaline condition in the body. Natural Horse Vet Magazine

It has a direct effect in removing abnormal bacteria - binding to it and removing it from the body through the elimination process and is also used as a daily detoxifier for removing toxins taken in from daily living and is great for maintaining a cleaner digestive tract.

And is often referred to as "living clay" because it consists of minerals that enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms. Benefits of calcium montmorillonite minerals have been documented in research conducted by many scientists and leading universities. In addition to the role it plays as a potent detoxifier, Calcium Montmorillonite Clay has also been used extensively in the treatment of pain, open wounds, colitis, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, intestinal problems, acne, anemia, and a variety of other health issues.

Calcium montmorillonite mineral deposits have been used by indigenous cultures since before recorded history as an internal and external healing agent. The Native Americans would use mineral rich clay on open wounds and for stomach or intestinal distress.

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A little bit about WildWind Artist Sonya Spaziani

Sonya Spazini

WildWind is the pencil art of Sonya, depicting western and wildlife scenes of our great American west. Raised on a ranch, Sonya was immersed in the lure of the great outdoors~ the hard work, the dust, the mud, the uncluttered beauty of nature in both the green rolling pastures of the Willamette Valley, as well as when among the pungent sagebrush of the high desert country in eastern Oregon.
Visit Sonya's Gallery, your jaw will drop.
A piece of American art a pencil away.
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Rope your own piece of the wind,
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Barnwood Exterior Doors
with Custom Cut Steel Hardware.

Greater Yellowstone Furniture and Design's rustic barnwood furniture will look great in your home, whether it be a stick home, log home, log cabin or lodge. We purposely do not have a shopping cart system on this site. This is truly a custom barnwood furniture business and we want our clients to voice their own input in the design of our furniture. We like to talk to each client before an order is placed to better understand our client's wishes about how they would like their rustic future to look. Gene Nellis is the designer and builder of our rustic barnwood furniture and frames. This is not a production line type of business.

This is not a production line type of business. Our rustic barnwood furniture and rustic log furniture pieces are truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Our unique, one of a kind, handcrafted, rustic log furniture is made from select timber found in Southwestern Montana's high elevations. No live trees are cut to produce our quality rustic log and barnwood furniture. Only dead-standing, beetle-kill, lightning or wind downed trees are used in order to preserve the natural resources in this area. We go into the forests and "cruise" on foot, the timber stands for the best pieces that will have just the right character and strength for the piece of barnwood furniture or log furniture that will be created.

We also "take down", not tear down old buildings and barns so they may live again with a new purpose, as rustic furniture and barnwood picture frames. Some of the old barns and mills that we take down are reborn into barnwood picture frames or rustic furniture, such as the farm plank dining tables and the rustic barnwood vanity.

Greater Yellowstone Furniture and Designs guarantees that all our products are built to last a lifetime. Gene Nellis, designer and craftsman, has created unique rustic wood furniture, rustic log and barnwood furniture, stone floors and fireplaces in the Greater Yellowstone Area for 20 years. Gene is also a degreed geologist, so he knows how to "rock"!!!

All materials that are used in this rustic barnwood & log furniture are guaranteed to be made in the United States of America.

Gene Nellis PO Box 526, Pony, MT 59747 Phone 406-685-3541
90 Miles NW of Yellowstone National Park in the Big Sky Country of Southwestern Montana

Our shop address is:
102 Broadway Avenue,
Pony, Montana 59747

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Violence does not scare us. We ride 1,500 pound horses and stare down
An alley full of mad, snot-slinging cows that weigh over 800 pounds

We've held down calves that outweigh you by four times. Don't try to intimidate us. Most of our husbands stand a head and shoulders taller, outweigh us by 100 pounds and we aren't scared of them. Why would we be frightened by someone who can't keep their pants up?
Every time we work cows, our husbands threaten us if we don't get out of the gate. They threaten us if we don't stay in the gate. We are pretty much not impressed by threats. Plus, if you get much closer we may give you some threats of our own to consider and be able to back it up.

Don't wave that knife at me, boy. I castrate when we brand, throw the 'mountain oysters on the fire AND eat them, dirt and all. You probably don't want to go there. Don't threaten to steal my pickup. I work for a living, so have insurance. The chances of you being able to drive a standard are next to none and there is no spare.

I've walked home from the back side of the ranch, I can walk from here you want my purse? Take my purse. It has little money in it because, as I mentioned, I work for a living. You will find various receipts for feed and vet supplies, some dried up gum and the notice for my next teeth cleaning.

The only 'drugs' you will find is something that is either aspirin or a calf scours pill but its been in there so long I've forgotten which it is,
Don't threaten to hurt me. I may look old and fragile to you, but I can ride horse back for 12 hours, with nothing to eat or drink. I have been kicked bucked off, run over and mucked out I've had worse things happen to me in the corrals than you have experienced in the little gang wars you've been through, and still cooked supper for a crew.

You may whip me, son, but you'll be a tired, sore S.O.B. in the morning and yes, I will remember your face because I am used to knowing which calf belongs to which cow. I'll also remember which direction you went and what you were wearing because I've tracked many a cow with less information than you've given me. You are not going to scare me with that little 'Saturday Night Special' when I have a .38 in my boot.

You need not think I won't shoot you. I've shot several coyotes and numerous rattlesnakes. I put down my horse when he broke his leg and shot my pet dog when he killed some sheep. Don't think I won't consider you a rabid dog and go on my way.
Gal has to look after herself!
Photo of T.P.Hickman a FBF.

Laminitis A Dreaded Problem with a Simple Solution,What if I told you that a salt block or a mineral block could cause it?

All too often our equine companions develop the dreaded
problem called Laminitis. Laminitis means inflammation
(re. itis) of the lamina. Lamina are the major structural
components of the hoof wall. When these become
inflamed a structural breakdown of the hoof can occur.
This may even result in that really dreaded consequence
of laminitis called rotation. Rotation is a shifting of the
actual bone in the foot called a phalanx, which in
common terms, is the toe. In the horse it is referred to as
P3 or phalanx 3 (also known as the coffin bone in both
the front and hind legs, and sometimes as the pedal in
the hind leg).
When P3 does not have the support of the lamina or
hoof wall then P3 can actually protrude through the
bottom or sole of the hoof, resulting in abscesses of the
hoof. This can happen so fast that very little can be done
once it begins. Heroic attempts are often made with
special shoes, drugs, etc. but obviously it is always
serious — very serious.
Unfortunately drugs, especially steroids or antibiotics
can cause laminitis. With the over zealous use of such in
today’s medicine, such use can be even worse than the
consequences from what they are trying to fix in the
first place. Personally, I avoid the use of steroids in my
horses for fear of this possibility of laminitis (and other
things) and offer antibiotics only when a LIFE
THREATENING situation warrants such. I don’t know
for sure, but I suspect that even Barbaro’s laminitis, that
ultimately caused his demise, was a result of steroids
and such – and I know he received the best of care! It is
sort of “damned if you do or damned if you don’t” thing.
BUT quite frankly, all the more reason to have an
understanding of alternative or more natural treatments.
All this being said, I am sure you will agree that the key
to laminitis is to prevent it from ever occurring in the
first place. When it happens .. it hurts! It is painful to the
horse and to your pocket book. Can I help you ALWAYS
prevent it? NO! But honestly, I think I have a pretty good
handle on it. I have shared it with many of you in the
past in a general sort of way, but here I am going to cut
right to the chase and tell it like it is! Of course, “telling
it like it is” is my “modus operendi” anyway. Honestly
though, prevention is more simple than you might think.
In my opinion man causes most laminitis! Now I know
we don’t mean too, but we do. Have you ever left a feed
door open and somehow that very day… that one very
day out of every other day of the year… the horse gets
out of the stall or breaks through the fence and eats more
feed than he should? If you answer no…. you are a lucky
man… or woman! I hope you have never experienced
this but if you have, you probably remember the feeling
well. Your heart suddenly falls into your stomach — a
real pain in the gut not only for you but also the horses!
I hope I haven’t brought back home some bad memories
but…. Since we have the pain in the gut let’s just go
ahead and talk about the gut.
Almost every major health problem in the horses starts
in the gut. Horses have huge intestines and along with
the skin (even larger surface area) and the liver, the
intestines are the bodies first line of defense. Just imagine
what a job the intestines have. The very lining of the
intestines themselves are constantly deciding what is
good for the body and what is bad….. Decisions,
decisions, decisions, don’t you hate them? The “Good”
is absorbed and utilized as fuel for the body. The “Bad”
is immediately discharged through the feces or dealt with
some other way. It is the “in-between” that the body
must actually deal with. Sort of like life in general—the
“indecision” ..that “trying to decide” part that drives us
crazy. Any change to this incredibly balanced system
could be life threatening.
But how can a change in gut cause a problem in the
feet? A very good question indeed… and honestly man
doesn’t know all the answers. One thing for sure that
we do know is that when you suddenly change the
bacteria in the gut all He…double hockey sticks, (LL),
breaks out! We know that too much food within to short
of time can cause such a change and we know that
medications (the antibiotics, the steroids) can as well.
What if I told you that a salt block or a mineral block
could cause it?
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Care Products, Click Here...

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