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Cine' Laguna-
Janice Darr Cua

Biography of an artist

Whether exercising her powers to capture the spirit of Arabians, the romance of the Renaissance, classic sensuality of femininity, or the universal bond between mother and child, Cua delivers striking depth and passion.

Paintings that radiate a glow that mesmerizes the viewer, a comforting warmth which evokes the passion within all.

Her work can be seen in select galleries around the world, with over thirty sell-out shows abroad as well as dozens of American exhibitions. Cua is a sure stock, an intelligent investment as her popularity, technique, and price point increases in favor.

Janice Darr Cua's collectors include ABC Television Network, Hallmark, Collectors Editions, Art Brilliant of Japan, politicians and celebrities worldwide, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the La Marche collection, and select collectors around the world.

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David Dreams of Venus - Janice Darr Cua

David Dreams of Venus

Return To Freedom
Return To Freedom -
Janice Darr Cua

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