Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WOW My blog denied..

I like to post information for all. What's wrong with that?

I just received an email from a site... that they will not be able to add my blog, because I post information rather than a story my life perhaps?
This was their reply:
We're terribly sorry to inform that your submitted link, The Natural Horse Vet, at this time can not be added to our database.
The other reason your blog may not be approved is because it isn't really a blog. Please note that we do not accept a one page blog/site that is used only as advertising for a business and not updated with new blog entries.While we do accept business blogs, they must be an official blog with news and updates as opposed to just a stand alone blog page.
Just so people know ,Dr.Dan has an official blog, it's on my site...
Oh well..
Thanks for all my visitors...

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