Friday, February 27, 2009

Americans are dying from sugar!

Most Americans start their day with junk food like cereal, toast or donuts. As a result, the blood sugar rockets up... then a few hours later, the "sugar-low" sets in... then to satisfy "the crave" we load up up on sugar again with something like a high-fructose corn syrup soft drink. As a result, our bodies are becoming more and more resistant to the insulin that are bosies are having to produce to handle the excess sugar intake. Understand that research has shown that the more insulin that is produced by the body- the shorter the life span.*

Rich with 24 grams of whey protein, not sugar

Full of antioxidants, not preservatives.

Full of amino acids, not carbohydrates.

Full of healthy nutrients, not harmful by-products!
GREAT SHAKES™ provide support to the immune system:

Immunoglobulins; destroys pathogens and toxins

Lactoferin; anti-microbial against disease. Binds iron, helps prebiotic activity and offers immune modulation.

Growth factors for tissue repair and regeneration (IGF-1, TGF B1, TGF B2)

CLA to promote lean muscle mass and research suggests anti-carcinogenic properties

Phospholipids (Sphingomyelin) to help repair nerve and brain tissue

While helping to maintain a healthy gut:
Better digestion, Better absorption, Better water regulation, Barrier to disease, toxins and allergens.*

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