Sunday, May 17, 2009

Attention: Imbalanced Equestrians, Golfers, Martial Artists, Skiers, Rowers, Yogis, and Athletes....

“Susanna Baxter has an excellent eye for detecting imbalances within the skeletal structure. She is also highly adept at correcting those imbalances as well as educating the client on how to maintain their structural integrity.”

As an athlete, equestrian, and bodyworker, I’ve made it my life’s work to understand movement. Growing up, I showed and rode horses every single weekend. To be successful, it was imperative that I understood:

  1. Why our bodies move the way they do

  2. Why some people have more range of motion than others

  3. How to stay relaxed, move fluidly, smoothly, and with minimal tension

  4. How to improve coordination and balance

  5. How subtle changes in position and balance make a HUGE difference to performance

  6. and, What really causes pain and stiffness?

In pursuit of the answers to these questions and others about how our bodies work, I made the decision to attend the Rolf Institute for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO, after I graduated from college.

Under intensive study of anatomy, physiology, and movement (we even looked at cadavers to see how our bodies work from the inside out!), I learned how to correct imbalances in the body to improve function, coordination, and RESOLVE pain - not just mask it!

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