Monday, May 18, 2009

Skodes Horse Treats

Offer whole foods and herbs your animal would enjoy in the wild -- these are often naturally low in sugar and carbohydrates.

Stay far away from overly processed foods -- even and especially unregulated horse feeds.

Keep it simple -- ignore the fads and base recipes on nature's amazing palette.

Skode's Horse Treats Meets Your Needs:

Fresh, wholesome cookies & brownies made from a base of pure, Organic Flax
Specially formulated herbs to compliment hay rations -- less hay waste!
Treats & Teas to enhance the palatability of feed and supplements
Bake-at-home mixes to fill your house with the signature smell of Skode's
Developed for Insulin Resistant Horses whose lives depend upon low carbohydrate nutrition-- The Healthiest Treats for ALL Horses. So feed Skode's: Fresh, gourmet treats that give you peace of mind and bring healthy joy to your treasured friends.

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